How Do I Find the Best Postal Boxes For My Needs?

As an innovator of innovative commercial postal products, Postal Boxes Australia offers a full range of high quality, innovative commercial postal boxes and packing systems to meet the changing needs of business and corporate customers. As a trusted supplier of commercial B2B packaging solutions, we offer a full range of commercial mailing boxes and packing systems to meet the changing needs of your customer base. Our unmatched innovation and superior technology to ensure that we deliver to our clients a full assortment of commercial mailing boxes and packing systems. Whether you’re searching for a new way to organize your current mailing system or searching for a superior alternative for a commercial storage solution, we’ve got a box for you.


A variety of styles and sizes of Postal Boxes are available cardboard boxes. We have various types of insulated and non-insulated commercial grade mailing boxes to meet the storage and shipping needs of your company or organization. Our non-insulated styles include bubble padded, hardboard, PVC foam lined, lids, custom foam lined, soft sided, custom foam core, locking and non-locking mailboxes and commercial grade locking pouches. Our insulated styles include polystyrene foam core, locking hardboard, lids with windows, rigid foam lined, polystyrene foam core, non locking soft sided, double layered, tri-fold styles of insulated mailboxes. Each style is engineered to provide superior strength and dependability while meeting the needs of your specific application.


The selection of the size and thickness is one of the most important features for your product, as small, thin postal boxes aren’t effective for the most demanding situations. Mailing applications requiring larger sizes of commercial grade mailboxes are better serviced by large, heavy duty models that are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Larger models are also generally more stable and able to accommodate heavier loads. Our experienced technicians are available to assist you in determining the best postal boxes to serve your particular application and to answer any questions about the product.


Another consideration for your product placement is the size of your parcel drawers. Postage rates for various sizes of parcel drawers will vary depending on the delivery method and postal box dimensions. Your parcel couriers will be able to help you determine which size best meets your needs for your parcel drawers. You should always contact your postal carrier prior to placing your order for postal boxes so you can determine the correct size drawers and corresponding postage for your shipment. It’s important to note that the majority of standard shipping charges do not apply to oversized items or to those containing hazardous materials.


If you’re looking for extra convenience, there are options for padded, insulated, or non-insulated postal boxes. When it comes to mailing items which require a high level of protection from damage or loss, non-insured shipping boxes provide the most peace of mind. These types of postal packaging are specifically designed to reduce the chances of damage or loss to your item while in transit. Padded postal packaging is an excellent choice for any fragile item you’re sending. Although it does not provide any form of insulation, padding will nevertheless provide a greater degree of protection than a normal shipping box would. Insulated shipping boxes will also provide additional protection to an item as well as increasing the postage costs.


One of the least favorite aspects of using the traditional postal boxes is having to handle the heavy, cardboard boxes. Postal workers use picks to remove the heavy paper and cardboard from your shipment and stack them for delivery. These pick up services can be inconvenient and can take up valuable time during normal business hours. For this reason, many businesses are choosing to purchase their own portable, lightweight, convenient and easy-to-handle postal boxes that are perfect for use at home, at work or as a corporate gift.

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